Redler Conveyor

Redler Conveyors are used to convey materials of powdered, granular, flaky or small lumpy formation, such as grain, coal, cement, etc. It causes the materials to flow like a liquid through enclosed dust-tight casings in any required direction by means of haulage chain with skeleton type flights, and in such a manner that there is no pressure on the materials, no movement between the particles and consequently no breakage whilst in transit.

Redler Conveyors are completely enclosed. The closely spaced chain flights which constitute the conveying element travel through the enclosed casing wherever it may lead, and materials admitted into this casing travel quiescently with the chain up to the point of discharge. There is no dragging or scraping action as the material “simply flows” in a solid column ‘‘en-masse.”

Aegis Engineering is a leading Redler Conveyor Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Suitable for handling fragile materials

Can be designed to feed or dis¬charge not only at the terminal ends, but at any point in the conveying or elevating run

Can convey horizontally, vertically or on inclines

They do not create dust internally

Any internal friction is negligible as materials are not agitated and hence prevention of breakage

No feeders required as it feeds itself

Feed and Discharge at any point hence the associated flexibility

Compact, safe, sanitary and efficient.

Easy to install, operate and maintain

Compact design and dust free operation

Low power consumption and low maintenance cost