Improving product and service quality consciously has become strategic to AEGIS in recent years. The quality objectives and standards of AEGIS have been well defined and have been guiding the company to continuously improvise the manufacturing and management practices.

Quality Objectives

Bench marking of Quality procedures in every manufacturing process and activity

Selection of quality vendors

Improvement of customer satisfaction

Improvement in delivery performance of Equipments and Projects

Reduction in cost over budgeted cost

Continuous up-gradation of knowledge & skills of employees

To continually improve quality of products & services

Aegis is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, certified by Bureau Veritas, India. We follow ISO certified procedures when it comes to quality assurance to provide customers with the best quality of products produced in our manufacturing facilities. The scope of our ISO Policy includes Design, Detail Engineering, Manufacturing and Erection

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality Assurance Plan is a critical to AEGIS, be it service, product or project. It has enabled AEGIS in monitoring and controlling the level of quality, which further has increased satisfaction level among its customers.

To ensure the final products of utmost quality, a great stress is laid on the selection of raw material and inputs. Different manufacturing processes such as cutting, welding; bending, grinding, painting, etc. are monitored closely for the quality. Stage inspections and final inspection of the product is also done as per norms & established standards. Also all the quality assurance procedures are well documented in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Regular monitoring and evaluation of achieved standards against the set enables AEGIS to ensure prevention of problems through continuous improvement of processes.