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AEGIS have had years of field and development experience and are experts at solving screening problems. Vibratory screens are manufactured with single or multiple deck and are used primarily for grading of material by size.

The working principle of Vibratory Screen is simple. The vibration effect leads to the screening of material through the screen (mesh) of appropriate size. The vibration effect is caused by the rotation of shaft with its eccentric weights. The throw of the vibrating screen can be easily varied by adjusting the eccentric weights.

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  • Used for grading material by size
  • Can also be used for washing material, dewatering, descaling or any combination of these operations
  • Suitable to screen wide range of products such as Sand and Gravel, building materials, Minerals, Ores, Pellets, Sinter, Coal, Coke, Pet Coke, Lignite, Limestone, Dolomite, Chemical Products, Fertilizers, etc.

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  • Low equipment cost and also low running costs
  • Simple design with stable operation
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Strong vibration achievable leading to high screening efficiency
  • Very low vibrating noise
  • Dusty, corrosive or toxic materials can be completely confined by the enclosure, offering dust free and safe working environment

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AEGIS manufactures Vibratory Screens in 5 models. Right model can be chosen depending on the application and requirement.

Model Screen Size Screen Area Max. Feed Size Min. Capacity Max. Capacity
mm m2 mm tph tph
AEVS916 900 X 1600 1.44 150 3 5
AEVS1120 1100 X 2000 2.2 150 5 7.5
AEVS1224 1200 X 2400 2.88 150 7.5 10
AEVS1428 1400 X 2800 3.92 150 10 15
AEVS1530 1500 X 3000 4.5 150 15 20
  • Note 1: The capacity is calculated considering Coal as material with Density – 800 kg/m3 and Output Product Size – @ (-) 8 mm
  • Note 2: While using as a primary screen, the same size is available for double deck

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