Feeders are employed to reclaim the material from hopper/silo at a predefined controlled and uniform rate, thereby enabling downstream equipments to perform efficiently.

Vibratory Feeder

Sometimes while feeding the dry bulk material to other equipment for further processing or conveying, the material may not move due to the less friction with the surface of the feeder and

Rotary Valve

Rotary Valves are placed under the hoppers or bins to arrange for uniform feed of material to the conveying equipment. Basically it is a volumetric feeding device which helps in applications

Screw Feeder

Screw feeders are useful to assist bin / hopper unloading and in producing uniform / metered feed. The pitch of the screw is kept variable in order to produce uniform draw of material across

Apron Feeder

Apron feeders are available in a wide variety of designs for both horizontal and inclined travel. They help in feeding of material at controlled and continuous flow rates. These are mainly used to