Dust Collection Equipment

Dust can be a nuisance in many different ways. Dust is not acceptable now as it was in previous decades in light of Environmental & Employee Health related concerns. Nuisance dust can be hazardous to health. It can cause unpleasant work conditions and give rise to absenteeism. There can be the risk of fire or explosion, even when the product is not something which one would think of as particularly dangerous. Dust can cause machinery to clog and to wear out prematurely, and hence need more frequent maintenance. Dust means more frequent cleaning and upkeep of factories.

A Dust Collection Equipment in general is by far the most common and popular method of cleanup employed in the modern Industry. Major components of a typical dust collection system include Ducting, Suction Hoods, Dampers, Bag Filter (which further contains filter bags, sequential timer, solenoid valves and Rotary Airlock Valve) and Blower / Exhauster / Fan. The dust is captured on woven or felted fabric of the fabric filter bags as the air passes through and is used where there is heavy dust burden. These have highest collection efficiency and are now by far the most important group in industry.

Dust Collection Equipments from AEGIS are time tested and are highly effective and reliable. AEGIS manufactures both centralized as well as unitary type dust collection equipments. Unitary type Dust Collection Equipment from AEGIS can be used for single or two points and comes with mobility feature and are very light weight with easy cleaning arrangement. AEGIS manufactures complete dust collection system for controlling / checking air pollution in plant / manufacturing unit. Dust Collection Systems manufactured by AEGIS can be an integral part of the Bulk Material Handling Systems supplied by AEGIS or can be installed on existing system where dusting and pollution are the problem areas.

Is used where fine dust particles are released in workshop / factory / manufacturing unit

Can be installed in the plant as per the availability of space

Used for containing / controlling air pollution

Is used in diverse industries

Minimized Dust Emission

Offers better & safe working conditions for employees

Reduces Maintenance of other machinery

Maintains Cleanliness

Helps in adhering to regulatory requirement for dust control

High Efficiency with effective dust control

Superior design and workmanship leading to effective dust control

High Efficiency and Economical Operation

Compressed Air Bag Cleaning

Easy to operate and maintain

Versatile design to meet wide variety of application and dusts