Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is one of the most fundamental equipment among wide range of bulk material handling equipment used to transport bulk materials mechanically. It is the most viable option for conveying material over long distances. It is used to convey dry bulk materials horizontally or on inclined. The maximum inclination angle to which a belt conveyor can convey the material depends on characteristics of the bulk material being conveyed. For conveying dry bulk material, belt conveyor is troughed one with varying degree of troughing possible based on the capacity to be achieved and the type of belt used. Various types of belts can be used for Belt Conveyor depending on the application. For steeper inclined conveying cleated belts are useful.

AEGIS manufactures Belt Conveyors with varying length and width and other customizations depending on the application and characteristics of the material being handled. Some of the customized features include: single / double side walkways, GI/FRP hoods, screw/gravity take up, scrappers, magnetic separators, trippers, feed skirts, etc. Belt Conveyors by AEGIS come with assured quality and competitive prices giving best value for your investments. AEGIS always works with its clients to identify the right solution to transport the bulk materials quickly, safely and efficiently from one location to another.

Used for conveying materials horizontally and also on inclined paths

Used to move materials over long distances

Can be used to handle wide range of bulk materials

Well suited to convey corrosive materials effectively

Can be used to convey various size of materials from fine to lumps

Robust Construction

Most economical solution of transporting bulk materials at high rates over long distances

Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

Negligible personnel costs due to mechanization

Saving of time and energy

Lower noise and sound emissions compared to rail and truck transports

The material can be visible on the belt while being conveyed

Friable materials can be handled with minimum degradation

Fabricated with superior quality raw materials and standard bought out items (Gear Box, Motors, Belts & accessories) from reputed suppliers only

High durability due to accurate design and robust construction

Available as flat or troughed type

Belt can be with cleats to enable high angle conveying up to 30 degree depending on the material conveyed

Available in belt widths up to 2000 mm

Handling capacity up to 1000 TPH

Conveying speed up to 5 m/s

Available with manual or motorized tripper for intermediate discharge

Magnetic Pulleys and metal detectors for removing ferrous material

Length and width to suit requirement

Self-cleaning construction, hence easy to maintain