Selecting the right type of conveyor for a specific bulk material in a specific situation is complicated by the large number of interrelated factors that must be considered. First, the alternatives among basic types like belt, screw, drag flight, etc. must be weighed, and then the correct model and size must be chosen. Workability is the first criterion, but the degree of performance perfection and cost are other important criteria.

AEGIS is one of the oldest manufacturers of conveyors in India. Conveyors manufactured and supplied by AEGIS has been time tested for quality and durability for years.

AEGIS manufactures diverse range of conveyors such as belt conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, drag flight conveyors, pan conveyors, telescopic conveyors and many more. We also manufacture customized conveyors depending on the specific requirement of the clients.

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor is used for faster loading and unloading of cartons/bags into/from trucks/containers of varying capacities. Telescopic Conveyor helps in reducing significantly the loading and unloading time, thereby leading to faster turnaround times.

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is one of the most fundamental equipment among wide range of bulk material handling equipment used to transport bulk materials mechanically. It is the most viable option for conveying material over long distances.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors are one of the important categories of wide range of Package-Handling Conveyors available. These are suitable for unit handling only and convey bags/boxes/cartons. Roller Roller Conveyors are basically Rollers mounted on supporting…

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is used to convey material horizontally or over an incline. In addition to their conveying ability, screw conveyors can be adapted to processing operations like mixing, heating/cooling during conveying and feeding with necessary…

Drag Chain Conveyor

A Drag Chain Conveyor can be used for handling powdery, coarse, fine grained, abrasive and sticky bulk materials. Drag Chain Conveyor is capable of conveying the material to steep inclination of 50 degrees. In certain applications, Drag Chain Conveyor can


Stacker is employed for mechanizing bag stacking and un-stacking operation inside the godown/warehouse. Units like bags/cartons/boxes can be conveniently stacked up to height of 15-18 feet, which is not possible or cumbersome if done manually and requires many laborers.