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Bucket Elevator is in use and has proven to be effective and efficient for vertical transport of wide range of bulk materials for decades. It is available in a wide range of capacities and may operate entirely in the open or be totally enclosed.

Typical bucket elevator consists of a series of buckets mounted on either a chain or a belt operating over a sprocket or pulley. In order to compensate for any changes in length of belt or chain due to temperature change or wear and tear, take ups are provided. Other critical parts includes head section (which contains head pulley or sprocket) and boot section (which includes tail pulley or sprocket), intermediate sections. Material is fed into an inlet hopper. Buckets through scooping action dig into the Material, and convey it up to and over the head sprocket/pulley, then throwing the material out the discharge throat. The emptied buckets then continue back down to the boot to continue the cycle.

AEGIS has an experience of 30 years in manufacturing Bucket Elevators. AEGIS manufactures both chain type and belt type bucket elevators. The discharge can be centrifugal type or continuous discharge. The selection of right type of bucket elevator is critical and it depends on various factors. Bucket Elevators manufactured by AEGIS are of high quality, precisely fabricated. The inputs used are of repute make. AEGIS make Bucket Elevators are characterized by sturdy design and ease of operation and maintenance.

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Used to transport bulk material vertically or on very high inclinations

Can handle pulverized, granular or lumpy materials

For hot materials & coarse grained materials Chain type Bucket Elevators are suitable

For high speed handling Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators are used

For high rates of handling Continuous Bucket Elevators are used

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Most effective for vertical transport of bulk materials

Rugged Construction and Quiet Operation

Capable of handling wide range of bulk materials in dry, semi dry or moist conditions

Available in open or complete enclosure for Dust Free Handling

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Standardized Design, however for special applications we offer necessary customization

Available in Chain or Belt type with single or double rows of Buckets

Available in both, Continuous and centrifugal discharge type

Rugged Design with complete casing for dust free and weather proof operation

Modularized design make them easy to install, operate and maintain

Two piece hood permitting access to head section interior without any interruption to machinery.

Inspection hatch that can be easily lifted in viewing terminal machinery

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