A system is conceptualized in close consultation with client, using our experience gained in numerous realized applications, data from bulk material analysis and our knowhow; coupled with innovative solution.


System is designed to provide high level of functionality and operational safety with maximum service life at minimum total cost (investment + operating cost).


Manufacturing is carried out at our factory and at vendors’ place following laid down QAP, ensuring reliable product and in turn efficient and effective performance confirming to laid down criterio / specification.

Erection & Commissioning

For customers who opt to perform installation and commissioning themselves, we provide a supervisor to help ensure a timely, trouble free start.


Who We Are

AEGIS was conceived as an engineering company in late 70’s in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) to cater to the specific Bulk Material Handling requirement of various industries.

Since early 80’s, AEGIS have taken a major step by developing bulk material handling systems for various applications and industries. AEGIS’s overall engineering skill and expertise in system design; automation, project innovation and practical awareness have played a significant role in generating client satisfaction and loyalty.


AEGIS offers technical services under following two categories aimed at improving the current method of handling material through mechanization & avoidance of multiple handling.

Audit Services : Aimed at quantification of handling cost

Optimization Services : Aimed at suggesting mechanization scheme for optimal handling

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