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Turnkey Projects

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Every installation has its own requirements and is built for a specific purpose. There are quite a number of possible configurations for the most efficient design of a bulk handling system. Each design has its benefits and drawbacks. AEGIS systems and equipment are reliable. It works year after year. We take pride in the fact that we have installed a good number of the Bulk Handling Systems operating in the India today. And we take our responsibility, Service-wise and cost-wise. With our Systems and Equipment you are competitive.

With more than 30 years of plant design and manufacturing behind it, AEGIS has a wide range of experience to call upon. Turnkey contracting for bulk material handling requirement – single source servicing – is one of the company’s specialties. Capabilities range from techno-economic feasibility studies, through the provision of expert engineering skills that incorporate the specifying of all equipment and selecting state-of-the-art technologies, to efficient contract execution and management as well as final commissioning by widely experienced specialists who will also provide training for operating personnel. AEGIS will undertake ever aspect of a contract from contract to completion.

AEIGIS’s capabilities to assume main contractor responsibilities with regard to full turnkey projects includes its in-house ability to commission complete system right from conception, design, detail engineering, manufacturing, erection, trial running and offering performance to the satisfaction of the client.

  • solid waste handling

    Solid Waste Handling

    The management of MSW is going through a critical phase in India, due to the unavailability of suitable facilities to treat and dispose of the larger amount of MSW generated daily in metropolitan cities. Various studies reveal that about 90% of MSW is disposed of unscientifically in open dumps and landfills, creating

  • Port Mechanization

    Port Mechanization

    AEGIS offers Systems to mechanize the handling of bulk cargo at Sea Ports. This broadly involves handling of loading and unloading of ships and barges. Customer centric approach of AEGIS coupled with excellent workmanship and system reliability ensures smooth operation of bulk cargo handling thereby

  • warehouse mechanization

    Warehouse Mechanization

    There has been an increase in the level of mechanization in warehouses over a period of time. Cost and Quality of labor has become a pain point in this industry. Good workforces are expensive and increasingly hard to find. This is the reason for adoption of more mechanization in order to

  • Bulk Handling System

    Bulk Handling System

    Every sector especially the core sectors need efficient bulk material handling and processing systems to remain competitive.Effectiveness of bulk material handling systems for some industries has strategic implications. AEGIS with 3 decades of experience has gained expertise in bulk material handling. This rich

  • Fuel Handling Systems/coal handling system

    Fuel Handling Systems

    The fuel processing and handling, offered by AEGIS, is used for preparation of coal/lignite/agro fuels to be used as a fuel in FBC Boilers, Hot Air Generators (Heaters) and other multi fuel fired systems in various industries. The fuel processing is used to produce fuel of right size suitable as per