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Case - H&R Johnson

Case - H&R Johnson


Company H&R Johnson
Location Pan, Raigarh District, Maharashtra
System Raw Clay Receiving and Storage / Distribution System
Existing method of handling the material

Around 1000 ton raw clay was received within one shift of 8 hours through trucks and manually unloaded into any one of the 32 compartments (as there were 32 grades of clay) depending on the grade of clay. Front end loaders were used to distribute the clay inside the compartments. Front end loaders were also used to reclaim the material from the compartments and feed main clay processing plant.

Drawbacks of the existing method of handling the material
  • The system of handling was very primitive and cumbersome with the prevalence of multiple handling
  • Employment of large number of laborers, which in turn also entailed capital expenditure for building labor quarters, maintaining them and other welfare activities
  • Since earth moving machinery were used extensively coupled with big labor requirement, per ton handling cost was very high
  • Due to mode of handling the atmosphere inside the godown/compartment was very dusty
Improvisation suggested

AEGIS was called upon to study the existing system of raw clay handling and suggest for any improvements and optimization of the system. After thoroughly studying the existing modalities of handling the raw clay, Aegis found considerable scope in optimizing the entire operation of handling and distribution within the godown.

AEGIS suggested mechanization of existing modality of handling and distribution by conceptualizing system with a network of overhead longitudinal conveyor along with travelling tripper and cross conveyors. This system enables handling and loading of material in godown, mechanically, without the use of costly earth moving machinery and employing labor gang.

Advantages proposed
  • Substantial increase in effective storage capacity of the godown
  • Drastically reducing per ton handling cost leading to faster payback
  • Increased convenience and hassle free operations
  • Elimination of manual labor work and hence no dependence on labor gang
  • The operation of loading and distribution is streamlined since the material is distributed by system at the same rate as it is received from the in-plant conveyor, due to elimination of intermediate heaping operation
  • Due to elimination of multiple handling / earth moving machinery; dusting inside the godown reduced drastically