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Case - Asiatic Colorchem

Case - Asiatic Colorchem


Company Asiatic Colorchem Ltd
Location Ahmedabad
System Mechanization of Material Cleaning, Conveying, Storing & Bagging operation
Existing modality of handling material

Asiatic Colorchem Ltd is a 100% EOU, medium scale specialty chemical manufacturing company. The company used to bag chemical in powdered form manually from beneath the blender. These bags were then manually weighed and weight-set and manually stitched and stacked on pallets for further loading into the container.

Drawbacks of existing system
  • Presence of foreign particles like plastic pouch, gutkha pouch, etc. in final product
  • The whole environment was dusty
  • The outer surface of the bag was always dirty due to manual mode of handling the bag with chemical dust laden hands
  • Time taken to bag given quantity of material and load into container was very high
Improvisation Suggested/Implemented
  • A vibratory screen was installed below discharge of blender to remove unwanted foreign materials and particles
  • Chemical free from such unwanted particles is elevated and fed into overhead silo through inclined conveyor
  • Semi-Automatic bagging machine was installed below overhead storage silo to fill the bag with set quantity of material; weigh with online stitching arrangement
  • The only manual intervention required is for attaching empty bag onto weighing machine and guiding of bag after filling through stitching machine
Advantages offered by the mechanized system
  • Single operator can man the system and do bagging operation
  • Per Ton cost of bagging reduce drastically
  • Neat and clean atmosphere due to closed system
  • The rate of bagging also increased substantially