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Case - Ruchi Soya Industries

Case - Ruchi Soya Industries


Company Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd
Location Jamnagar
System Mobile Barge Loading System
Service Provided
  • Audit Services Offered
  • Optimization Services Offered
  • Executed the Mechanized Scheme on BOOT basis
Existing Method of Handling

Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd is having a private jetty at Rozi Pier, Bedi Port, Jamnagar, with tank farm which is used primarily for import of Palm Oil and export of Soya Meal (DOC). Bedi Port is a tidal port wherein material is transferred through barges from Jetty to mid sea where material in-turn is again transferred to mother ship from the barges for further export. Movement of barges from/to Jetty from/to mid sea is during high tide only.

The material to be exported arrives to the Jetty through trucks in bagged condition. Bags are unloaded and are stacked on the Jetty manually. Prior to one week of Ship arrival, the bags were unpacked manually and heaps were prepared. When ship arrives, JCB was used to scoop the material and prepare a sling. The Port Crane was used to transfer the material to the barge. Later the loaded barge was transported during high tide to mid sea where the material was transferred on to mother ship for further export.

Drawbacks of the existing System
  • High per Ton handling rate
  • Very high Labor Requirement
  • High Spillage
  • Use of JCB and Port Cranes added to the cost
  • Capacity of loading was limited to 1500 Ton/Day
  • Contamination of cargo
Solution Provided by AEGIS

Having studied the existing mechanism of handling the material, AEGIS proposed the system of loading the barge mechanically by use of set of specially designed conveyors.

Since the client was having apprehension regarding workability and performance of the proposed system, the scheme was subsequently executed on BOOT basis wherein AEGIS charged the client on Per Ton basis. The system was operated for 4 years and was subsequently transferred to the client. Having been satisfied by the performance of the system and having ascertained the utility of the system, client even purchased two more systems from AEGIS.

Advantages Accrued
  • Loading capacity enhanced to 7500 Ton per Day
  • Labor requirement reduced by 90%
  • Handling cost reduced from @Rs. 100/Ton to @Rs. 20/Ton
  • Saving on demurrage charges of ship and in turn saving foreign exchange