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Telescopic Conveyor Quick Contact

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor is used for faster loading and unloading of cartons/bags/boxes into/from trucks/containers of varying capacities. Telescopic Conveyor helps in reducing significantly the loading and unloading time, thereby leading to faster turnaround times.Mechanization achieved by using Telescopic Conveyor helps in reducing considerably the labor and damage costs.Telescopic Conveyors are sometimes also known as cantilevered booms or extendable conveyors.

Telescopic Conveyor Manufacturer India

Telescopic conveyor is constructed with a fixed and a sliding portion for telescopic action. Because of the controlled length due to telescopic action, telescopic conveyor can go into the inside of truck/containers and give access to loading and unloading operation. Telescopic Conveyor is ideal for use in large-sized logistic storage areas.

AEGIS manufactures high quality Telescopic Conveyors with reliable and durable operation. Telescopic Conveyors manufactured by AEGIS comes in 9 models in order to suit various applications for loading and unloading of small trucks to large 40 feet containers. They come with varying length and belt width, varying belt speeds, varying boom length and other salient features. The control mechanism is user friendly and can be customized as per need of the user.

AEGIS also manufactures customized Telescopic Conveyor to suit any application of unit handling.


  • Ideal for application involving unit handling like loading/unloading of Cartons/Boxes/Bags into/from Containers/Trucks
  • Automates loading / unloading areas and convey a variety of products from large to small cartons, from loose bags to tires
  • Should be used where precise control of loading/unloading is required


  • Makes unit handling hassle free and ergonomic
  • Reduces labor costs and operations time
  • Loads/unloads items quickly, efficiently and more importantly safely
  • Minimizes handling losses occurring due to manual handling
  • Short Payback period
  • Capable to fully integrate with existing conveyor systems and practices


  • Available in 9 models to suit various requirements
  • Available in single, double and three stage for telescopic movement
  • Available in Boom Extension from 5100 mm to 16800 mm, Retracted length range from 3000 mm to 5000 mm
  • Available in varying belt width i.e. 500 / 600 / 700 mm
  • Available in fixed and mobile type with horizontal or hydraulically controlled inclination
  • Retraction speed of 18 mt per minute, while belt speed range from 10 to 50 mt per minute or even higher if required
  • Can handle loads from 10 kg to 50 kg
  • Available with proximity switch for counting operation
  • The belt start/stop, extend and retract controls are conveniently located at the front of the conveyor to help operators work more efficiently and safely
  • Can also be manufactured as per specific requirement