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Stacker is employed for mechanizing bag stacking and un-stacking operation inside the godown/warehouse. Units like bags/cartons/boxes can be conveniently stacked up to height of 15-18 feet, which is not possible or cumbersome if done manually and requires many laborers. Storage capacity of Godowns can be increased and stacking time and cost can be reduced substantially. Stacker can also be used for loading and unloading operation from small trucks with smaller depths. Stacker along with set of mobile conveyors can be employed for mechanizing total bag handling.

Stackers manufactured by AEIGS are light weight and comes with mobile options with either wheel or rail mounting. The light weight of stacker helps in easy maneuverability. Stackers manufactured by AEGIS come with hydraulic mechanism for varying boom height. Stackers manufactured by AEGIS are characterized by ease of operation, precise construction and less maintenance costs.

AEGIS manufactures customized stackers to suit various needs of the customers


  • Used for stacking and un-stacking operation inside the godown
  • Can also be used for loading/unloading operation of Units (Bags/Boxes/Cartons) into/from trucks


  • Makes stacking and un-stacking of units hassle free and ergonomic
  • Reduces labor costs and operations time
  • Loads/unloads items quickly, efficiently and more importantly safely
  • Minimizes handling losses occurring due to manual handling
  • Short Payback period
  • Capable to fully integrate with existing conveyor systems and practices


  • Available in Skid Plate type or Roller type models
  • Light weight for easy maneuverability
  • Available in varying belt width i.e. 500 / 600 / 700 mm
  • Available in fixed and mobile type
  • Comes with hydraulically controlled inclination for varying boom height
  • Variable belt speed with VFD to control handling capacity
  • Can handle loads from 10 kg to 50 kg
  • Available with proximity switch for counting operation
  • The belt start/stop and vertical boom adjustment controls are conveniently located for convenience of the workers/operators
  • Can also be manufactured as per specific requirement