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Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is used to convey material horizontally or over an incline. In addition to their conveying ability, screw conveyors can be adapted to processing operations like mixing, heating/cooling during conveying and feeding with necessary constructional modifications. Clean and compact design of Screw Conveyor makes it useful where space is a constraint. Screw Conveyors can be easily made dust or weather tight.

Screw Conveyors manufactured by AEGIS are proved for performance and efficiency with rugged construction and reliable operation. AEGIS manufactures a versatile range of Screw Conveyors to suit variety of applications and materials.

All the parts of Screw Conveyor such as screw flights, screw shaft, hanger bearings, trough structure, saddle support, covering, end plates, etc. are manufactured by utmost care and precision to make a quality end product with reliable and convenient operation. The material of construction of screw conveyor can be mild steel or stainless steel depending on the need of the customer. AEIGS has manufactured and supplied screw conveyors to various industries since last 30 years and they have been working well giving utmost client satisfaction. AEGIS has developed and installed screw conveyors for special applications and designs to suit client’s needs.


  • Used for conveying materials horizontally, on incline & even vertically
  • Can convey in either direction
  • Can be used for conveying sticky materials
  • Apart from conveying, can be used for mixing and feeding operations
  • Use of hollow screws and pipes for circulating hot or cold fluids allows the screw conveyor to be used for heating, cooling, and drying operations also


  • Occupies very little space due to absence of return run thereby optimizing floor space utilization
  • Can convey wide range of materials from fine to small lumps
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Can be adapted to convey sticky material also
  • Easy to seal from outside atmosphere for outdoor operations without special protection
  • Different materials can be handled through the same system as cleaning is easy and contamination is avoided due to drop bottom design


  • Ideal for handling coal, grain & other fine lump materials
  • Available in capacity up to 200 TPH (Ton Per Hour)
  • Available in U shaped or Tubular Trough constructions with dust tight features
  • Available in variety of trough and flight thickness
  • Available in various designs like standard pitch, tapered flight, cut flight, ribbon, paddle, etc. depending on the application