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Materials Handled

Materials Handled

Much research regarding handling and storage characteristics of bulk solids has been conducted over the years. Physical, Chemical and Rheological properties of solids play a significant role in their resulting storage and flow behavior, and are therefore essential to design appropriate, efficient, and economic bulk solids handling and storage equipment and structures. Density, Particle Size & Distribution, Abrasiveness & Corrosiveness, Toxicity, Flammability, Cohesion & Agglomeration, Flowability, Friability, Hygroscopicity, Contamination, Degradability, etc. are some of the properties that needs to be understood while designing systems and equipment for handling particular bulk material.

Years of experience of AEGIS has helped it in predicting the behavior of the bulks for new applications and new problems. This is the reason why AEGIS has been successful in delivering solutions in terms of equipment and systems even when it has encountered a fresh problem.

Coal Lignite
Briquettes Gravels
Saw Dust Wood Chips
Fertilizers Ice
Cotton Stock Clay
Lime Acrylic Fibers
Cement Soda Ash